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I solemnly swear to responsibly participate in Canna4Climate Day on the 21st of April. I will find an area around me in need of cleaning and love; restoring it to absolute perfection (within reason).  


I WILL NOT pick up ANY drug paraphernalia, biowaste, or other hazardous materials. (These need to be handled by specialists and can not be simply discarded.) 


I WILL NOT step onto any private property without permission of the landowner. 


I WILL respect current COVID precautions. e.g. wearing a mask and social distancing.


I am responsible for all of my actions during this event and Canna4Climate is not liable for any accident caused during this event.


I WILL use common sense and do my best to represent the community in the best possible way.


*This event is open for all ages as it is a non-consumption event.

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