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Learn about the community behind Canna4Climate Day:


Canna4Climate is a day for any and all to enjoy in and make their own!


The spark that began the conversation around C4C Day came from the community on WeedTube is a social media platform founded by cannabis advocates and content creators who were censored by mainstream platforms. Launched in early 2018, the WeedTube community aims to be a safehouse for the cannabis community and industry, as well as a forum in which we can come together for large efforts such as Canna4Climate. We believe in working towards a greener earth, in the name of this beautiful plant that brings us all together. 


1. To change the perception of what a “stoner” is to the rest of the world.


2. To bring awareness for how our growing industry can be more conscious in its processes and procedures.


3. To bring awareness to how many ways Hemp can change our world for the better.

Our Mission

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