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Canna4Climate is a day for any and all to enjoy and make their own!

We would like to invite anybody who is able to participate in this new holiday- although you have the power to create impactful change on a global scale, any day of the year! 


Learn more about the impact of indoor growing on the environment. Does indoor growing actually do more harm than good?


Learn how to reduce your environmental impact in some new and creative ways!


We've partnered with the Arbor Day Foundation, with a fundraising goal of $4,200! Help us!


From Fridays For Future:

"We are fighting for our future and our lives because they are directly threatened by the climate crisis and the ecological breakdown. We are taking action against it because we want to protect the beauty of the earth, the diversity of species and the lives of all beings. Our goal is to overcome the climate crisis and to create a society that lives in harmony with its fellow beings and its environment."

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