What is Canna4Climate?

Canna4Climate is a worldwide event that is set to take place annually on 4/21. 

We are asking cannabis lovers everywhere to clean up an area

of their community, the day after celebrating 4/20! 

It’s incredible that Earth Day comes just

two days after the iconic stoner holiday, 4/20. 

We believe that 4/21 is the perfect date for the cannabis community to give back to our amazing planet.

To show that stoners are conscious, contributing members of society;
contrary to the belief that stoners are lazy and contribute nothing

Our Mission


How to Participate!

Anyone is welcome to participate

in the Canna4Climate event as it

is a non-consumption event!

We’ve laid out each step to

participating in the event below.

Follow along so you don’t

miss out on any of the days activities.



Find a safe area near you that could

use some love & care. 


Take before photos and video of the area.

We Recommend

Rivers/Outdoors Areas

Parks/Local Gardens

Parking Lots/Bus Stops



Clean area of all waste and debris


Take after photos and video of the area.

Make sure to have fun and be safe!



Content creation or uploading is not required to participate. However, it will go a long way to connect with other members of the community and showing the world what being a stoner is all about.

Upload content to all social media platforms that you’d like to with the hashtag #canna4climate make sure to tag 
@canna4climate so we can share your content! 

Every day can be Canna4Climate Day!

Use #Canna4Climate and look for a repost on the @Canna4Climate pages!